My Advice To A New Marketing Grad: Embrace Change

Last week I got a call from a friend and former co-worker who asked if I’d be willing to spend a few minutes speaking with her son—a recent grad about to embark on a career in advertising and marketing. I said “absolutely,” and a couple of days later I received this message in my inbox: Read more about My Advice To A New Marketing Grad: Embrace Change

Using Social TV Data to Help You Reach Your Target Customers

New research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that, as of May 2013, almost three quarters of online adults use social networking sites. The figure has major implications not only when broken down to show that social media is now established component of internet usage for older adults as well as young (43% of the 65+ set use social networking sites), but when compared to just six months prior in December 2012, when penetration was at only 67%. The bottom line? Social media usage has neither plateaued nor is it going away: it continues to grow, among all segments of American society. 

Play Ball, Drop the Puck, Start Your Engines…Pick Your Sport and Get in the Game

Summer has come and gone, and suddenly the end of 2013 doesn’t look all that far away. However, there’s still plenty of time to ensure your business wraps up the year on a winning note, and the incredible amount of sports programming on cable in the fourth quarter is the perfect opportunity to reach consumers. From college and pro football to golf, from basketball to soccer, there’s something for every fan, and we’re here to run down some of the highlights. Read more about Play Ball, Drop the Puck, Start Your Engines…Pick Your Sport and Get in the Game

Putting the Puzzle Together

Finding an audience used to be relatively simple. Families gathered together around a TV and watched one of a relative handful of shows at the same time. In recent years, though, we’ve seen audience fragmentation increase at an ever-faster pace. First, it was fragmentation of networks as cable channels developed programming that now surpasses broadcast TV. Then they fragmented across providers as satellite and later telco providers entered the market.


Can an upscale neighborhood bistro build its “family” dinner traffic by marketing within MLB, NFL and Olympic Games coverage?

The answer is a resounding YES!
If you own a local business and have never dreamed of aligning your products and services with sports programming, I encourage you to investigate the opportunity.  It makes great business sense —and here is why. 

Get an “A” in Advertising with September’s Original Cable Programming

Back-to-school time is here (though in the stores I visit, it’s been back-to-school time since Independence Day!). Autumn rhythms and routines will be settling in, and that often means more stable TV viewing patterns also settle in, as cooler nights, and earlier sunsets, become the norm once again. Read more about Get an “A” in Advertising with September’s Original Cable Programming

Go Retro With This Week’s Friday Finds

 If you stop by my office, many days you’re likely to hear a dose of ‘80s and ‘90s music playing in the background. I don’t know if that affinity for older tunes makes me an expert in all things “retro,” but I thought it would be interesting to explore how a range of businesses and products with very “retro” roots are using quite modern tactics to boost their profiles with consumers. Read more about Go Retro With This Week’s Friday Finds

Data Delivers: Building a Better Media Plan

The success of 2012 Obama Presidential campaign proved that large amounts of data from a variety of sources can be combined to micro-target critical voters in critical locations (the MIT Technology Review takes a look at the effort and results here).  But can big data provide the same results for consumer marketers? Read more about Data Delivers: Building a Better Media Plan

LAMP Last Call for Entries

OK so for those of you who like to procrastinate (as we have all done on occasion), I wanted to offer you your last chance to enter the inaugural LAMP Awards (Local Advertising Multi-screen Performance Awards).  This is your time to shine and show how you are a proactive marketer looking for new ways to reach your target audience.  It’s an easy process so we hope that you will take a few minutes to share your story. Read more about LAMP Last Call for Entries

Friday Finds – Back To School Already?

I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time for our kiddos already.   I have one friend who said that her kids had their first day of school this week – amazing!  With the season basically upon us, what are top retailers doing to market their products/services during this second largest retails season of the year? Read more about Friday Finds – Back To School Already?


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