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The Comcast Media 360 team has been created to partner with innovative brands in the design and delivery of media campaigns that leverage addressability, interactivity and learning across the full portfolio of Comcast's media assets - TV, Online, VOD and mobile/tablet platforms. This team works with leading media analytic companies to design, develop and deliver customized ad effectiveness research studies that extend campaign measurement beyond traditional metrics and better measure return on investment.

Comcast Media 360 helps brands leverage this evolving advertising landscape through the design and implementation of marketing solutions that extend across the full scope of Comcast's multi-platform media properties.
  • 79 Markets
  • 35mm+ Video households
  • 20mm+ i-Guide households
  • 19mm+ Video on Demand households
  • 20mm+ Online households
  • 16mm+ iTV households
  • Single largest share of TV viewing
  • Nation's largest ISP delivering over 23mm unique visitors, and 1.7 billion page views each month
  • Over 400mm monthly VOD views
  • Growing library of mobile/tablet content
Comcast's multi-billion dollar investment in architecture and content allows subscribers to view their favorite programming whenever they like, on whatever device they choose.

This same digital infrastructure provides marketers with the unique opportunity to deliver greater advertising effectiveness by driving addressability, interactivity and accountability in an integrated, multi-platform environment.