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Comcast's Media 360 team has worked with Fortune 500 brands across a variety of product categories to drive learning and optimization across the evolving addressable, interactive and multi-platform video ad landscape.
Financial Services
A leading credit card issuer was able to narrowcast its TV and Online messaging against a prospect universe of high income and high credit worthiness households - less than 5% of US TV HH's - and drive 51% higher card spending levels online, and 108% higher online card application rates in the targeted geography, based on a study fielded by comScore.
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An upscale foreign car manufacturer used national tier 1 funds to target messaging to high income geographies and drove 47% greater sales volume year over year, based on an analysis of household car registration data provided by Polk.
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Health and Beauty
A top beauty brand executed a Request for Information (RFI) campaign that delivered over 250,000 product samples/coupons, and drove a 79% trial rate. A consumer survey accompanying this campaign revealed significant brand lift in terms of purchase intent and positive brand perceptions.
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Athletic Apparel
A major athletic apparel company utilized Telescoping-enabled spots, in combination with interactive ads on the program guide (IPG), to drive viewer engagement with their long-form content. In a single night, the campaign yielded over 150,000 views with an average time spent of over four and a half minutes to this branded five-minute asset.
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