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TV Everywhere
Helping Advertisers Develop Integrated Measurable and Targeted Advertising Campaigns
  • Single largest share of TV viewing
  • Nation's largest ISP delivering over 23mm unique visitors, and 1.7 billion page views each month
  • 79 Markets
  • 35mm+ Video households
  • 20mm+ i-Guide households
  • 19mm+ Video on Demand households
  • 20mm+ Online households
  • 16mm+ iTV enabled households
Comcast's multi-billion dollar investment in architecture and content allows subscribers to view their favorite programming whenever they like, on whatever device they choose.
Comcast maintains the single largest share of TV viewing in each of our markets.
Comcast is the nation's largest internet service provider delivering, the award winning consumer portal for our more than 20+ million Xfinity internet subscribers.
Video On Demand
Video on Demand provides advertisers with the opportunity to showcase their branded video content across Comcast's VOD, Online, and Mobile platforms.
The mobile application allows subscribers to access email and TV listings, schedule recordings, and stream programming on Smart Phones and tablet devices.