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When candidates are preparing for an election year, it is important they realize the limited amount of time they have to create a brand that is going to drive voters to the polls. Their platform and how they market to voters are key to creating an impactful and successful campaign.

Comcast Spotlight is an expert in helping candidates express opinions on pressing issues and gain exposure for their candidacy through the power of multi-screen advertising. With more than 70 networks and 5 selling zones, geo-targeted online capabilities and long form content options, candidates have the opportunity to educate voters within each political party through demographic and geographic targeting. Comcast Spotlight is the perfect solution for delivering targeted campaign messages to qualified voters.


What are the most important pieces to a political campaign?

1. Reaching voters in specific geographies on multiple platforms

On air and online advertising is broken into key selling zones which can be bought separately or as one unit, the Interconnect. By purchasing zones, candidates will have the opportunity to reach voters within their Congressional or State Districts.
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2. Reaching voters in target demographics
Comcast Spotlight offers candidates a wide-range of networks that can be used to target members of a particular political party:

3. Reaching voters efficiently, effectively and affordably
Comcast Spotlight is unique because it eliminates waste by allowing candidates to send their message directly to voters in their districts and also through targeted network selections. Comcast Spotlight provides a great opportunity to increase audiences without sacrificing frequency.

4. Innovative Media Offerings

Candidates have the ability to transform their advertising message into compelling and easily accessible videos that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with XFINITY’s Video On Demand advertising platform.




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