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Comcast Spotlight's latest mobile app has new tools that will help you reach more customers.
The consumer portal for Monterey Bay's XFINITY High-Speed Internet subscribers. The site serves as the gateway through which XFINITY subscribers can log into their email accounts, check voicemail, set recordings on their DVR and watch some of the latest broadcast, cable and premium shows Online.
Reach baseball fans through local advertising this season. Contact us today for a winning advertising campaign.
 Who We Are
Comcast Spotlight is the advertising sales division of Comcast and your partner in the multi-screen advertising space. Local, regional, and national advertisers can reach their target audience with pinpoint accuracy on TVOnline, and On Demand, with 2 zones40 networks, and a variety of media websites to deliver the results you’re looking for. A dedicated team of consultants is ready to help you grow your business. Click here and we’ll help you get started!
We Make Advertising Easy
Advertising across multiple screens has never been easier with the suite of Comcast Spotlight products designed to take the guess work out of advertising so you can focus on growing your business. Learn how we make advertising easy.
2014 Marketing Solutions
The power of more impressions from combining TV & Online to your marketing plan has never been stronger making it optimal for businesses to reach ideal customers. Learn more about our marketing solutions.
What Our Clients Are Saying
Make Comcast Spotlight part of your family. In this video, a local dentist shares how his experience advertising with Spotlight helped him grow his business and brought increased success to his office.
Target Your Audience
Reach only your ideal audience on our cross-platform advertising solutions with our high-caliber demographic and geographic targeting abilities.
The foundation of every advertising campaign begins with the selection from more than 40 networks to market directly to desirable consumers. You know who your customers are and we know how to reach them during the shows they are watching. Only with Comcast Spotlight can advertisers choose from a variety of networks that target every demographic within the Monterey area.
Comcast Spotlight in Monterey offers the unique ability to reach consumers in your backyard or beyond by advertising in a specific zone or the entire Interconnect. The geography that an advertiser selects is based on business needs and allows you to speak directly to your current or prospective customers so no marketing dollar goes lost.
Industry Leader
Comcast Spotlight is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to utilizing technology to marketing a business. Our available ad solutions on multiple screens allow advertisers to reach today’s audiences on different devices they use throughout their day and take advantage of the research to find just the right mix. Industry information is readily available on our blog in addition to trade publications like NCCAdvertisingAgeAdWeek, and MediaPost.
Creative Resources

Shine, our full-service Creative team will craft a video message that will engage your customers on TV and Online.

Our Marketing Team can help you generate demand through creative marketing ideas and sponsorships.