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Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen solution includes television and online advertising, integrating your message to consumers in a more engaging and impactful way.
Connect online with millions of potential customers more efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy through our cutting-edge technologies.

Who We Are

Comcast Spotlight in Philadelphia is the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, representing the 4th largest television market in the nation with over 2.1 million cable TV subscribers. With 52 engaging, trend-setting and influential networks, and online solutions, Comcast Spotlight has a wide-range of advertising solutions that allow local, regional and national advertisers the opportunity to effectively target their core audience. Comcast Spotlight provides advertisers with innovative and diverse advertising solutions that reach target consumers and deliver targeted results.

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Comcast Spotlight’s Multi-Screen solution includes television and online advertising, integrating your message to consumers in a more engaging and impactful way. Advertisers can align Multi-Screen solutions that positively affect purchasing decisions with an audience that is invested in TV and the Internet.

Target by time, date, location and creative with Comcast Spotlight’s many online offerings.

Bring a new dimension to home entertainment with Video On Demand by enabling digital cable subscribers access to hundreds of videos through their digital cable box, and interactive television which allows advertisers to take advantage of Comcast’s interactive overlay technology to drive viewers to long form Video On Demand content or request information from an advertiser.

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The foundation for every advertising campaign begins with a selection of 52 networks and complementary online opportunities. Only with Comcast Spotlight can advertisers choose from a variety of networks that target every demographic within the Philadelphia area. From USA to Bravo, History to ESPN and MTV, advertisers can reach men, women, children, African Americans, Hispanics and many more desirable audiences. Comcast Spotlight enables advertisers to market directly to their consumer online, and through its many television network offerings.

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Comcast Spotlight gives advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers within a radius of their business with cable television and online opportunities. The Philadelphia market has many zoning opportunities which allow you to target one area, a few different areas or the entire market via our Interconnect. The geography that an advertiser selects is based on their business’ needs, and allows them to speak directly to their current or prospective customers.

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Comcast Spotlight provides cost-effective, targeted advertising solutions. We will help you achieve your marketing objectives!