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Comcast Spotlight in Salisbury is dedicated to providing client-focused, multi-screen, solutions-based marketing opportunities for advertisers via television, online and advanced media products by utilizing the power of both TV and Online together to target viewers more efficiently and more effectively, Comcast Spotlight offers integrated promotional opportunities, enhanced resources, advanced technologies and innovative products to help you realize greater value for your advertising investment.

Advertising opportunities are available on more than 40 Cable TV networks and a variety of online sites. Our multi-screen approach is cost-effective, providing marketing solutions to local, regional and national businesses alike. Our winning combination of TV and Online offer the ability to geographically, demographically and psychographically target your messages on television. Cable gives you the flexibility of sending different messages to different communities throughout the Salisbury DMA.*

At Comcast Spotlight in Salisbury we can offer state of the art creative services for your video production needs. From pre-production to post- production, ourcreative services team can create a custom commercial for your business.

We look forward to helping you put your message on the television networks people watch, in the programming that people care about and giving you the audience that matters to you!


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