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When preparing for an election year, it's important to realize the limited amount of time available to create momentum around a campaign. How you advertise to voters is key to creating an impactful and successful marketing plan.

The people at Comcast Spotlight are experts in helping campaigns promote their political issues and candidates. We do this through the power of multi-screen advertising.

With 52 networks, 24 geographic zones, online advertising targeted to specific local areas, television advertising targeted to political affiilation, and long-form videos available on demand – you have the opportunity to educate and win over the constituents that matter most to your campaign.

Cable advertising is closing the gap on reaching blocks of voters who may seldom watch news networks or programs. Watch this video to learn how political advertisers can micro-target voters where they consume their media, on TV and online.
What are the most important factors for a successful political campaign?

1. Reach voters on TV and online in strategic geographies
Comcast Spotlight's television and online advertising is configured into 24 geographical zones which can be bought separately or as one unit known as The Interconnect. By purchasing zones, candidates will have the opportunity to efficiently reach voters where they are consuming media on highly-viewed television shows and on high-traffic web sites such as and Comcast Spotlight delivers powerful audience segments with a variety of ages and interests within the congressional or state district of your choice.

2. Target networks that reach voters by party affiliation
Comcast Spotlight research helps guide your advertising selection to specific networks that target registered voters by party affiliation.

*All networks shown may not be available in all markets

3. Engage and connect with voters using innovative advertising options

My Government On Demand 
Go in depth with voters about your platform with a long-form video available on demand, 24/7. Add an interactive enhancement on your 30-second TV commercial and voters are only one click away from viewing a longer-format video.

“We believe in cable as a valuable targeted medium on it’s own, but when we added Video On Demand and Interactive TV to the campaign… our targeting had increased impact!" 
-Kyle Roberts, President / Smart Media


4. Partnership
We bring experience from both the political arena and muti-screen media to help you maximize your campaign marketing strategy.

To learn more please contact:

Carol Dahmen 
Political Marketing Manager