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Looking for an Exciting Career in Advertising?

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Looking for an exciting career in advertising? Comcast Spotlight provides tremendous opportunity for individual growth within a dynamic atmosphere. For more information and to search/apply for positions within Comcast Spotlight, visit our Career Opportunities page.


Who We Are

Comcast Spotlight in South Bend is the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable located in the South Bend market. With more than 40 well-recognized cable networks, 7 selling zones, online and on demand offerings, Comcast Spotlight has a wide-range of advertising solutions that allow local, regional and national advertisers the opportunity to effectively target their core audience. Comcast Spotlight provides advertisers with innovative and diverse cable television and online advertising options that reach target consumers and deliver excellent results.


The foundation for every advertising campaign begins with a selection of more than 40 networks. Only with Comcast Spotlight can advertisers choose from a variety of networks that target every demographic within the South Bend area. From BET and Food Network to ESPN and Fox News, advertisers can reach men, women, children, African Americans, Hispanics and many more desirable audiences. Comcast Spotlight enables advertisers to market directly to their consumer through its many network offerings.


Comcast Spotlight gives advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers within a one to 100 mile radius of their business. Comcast Spotlight sells airtime for two cable operators and is broken down into 7 selling zones or one large zone, the Interconnect. By purchasing specific zones, advertisers can reach their target audience within close proximity of their business or advertisers can reach the entire South Bend area by purchasing the Interconnect. The geography that an advertiser selects is based on their business’ needs, and allows them to speak directly to their current or prospective customers.

Innovation is the consumer portal for Comcast’s South Bend High-Speed Internet subscribers who use the site to log into their email accounts, read the latest news, view streaming video, monitor their portfolio, search the Internet and much more. Advertising on gives clients an opportunity to reach subscribers in a truly clutter-free environment.

The introduction of Searchlight, Comcast Spotlight’s innovative advertising solution located within Comcast’s On Demand platform, is revolutionizing the way cable viewers utilize their televisions. Advertisers have the opportunity to reach opt-in consumers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with long-form videos, classified ads or content sponsorships.



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