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Wed, 02/01/2012 - 11:28

Kellie Grutko Proves That in Cable Ad Marketing, Tech-Savvy Is Just Savvy ?

By Stuart Miller -- Multichannel News, 1/30/2012

Kellie Grutko likes technology but is far from an early adopter. “I’m constantly asking for help about how to do things on my iPad,” says Grutko, who as vice president of marketing at Comcast Spotlight is the highest-ranking woman at Comcast’s local ad-sales unit. “But I like to educate myself. It’s a work in progress, probably forever as technology keeps changing.”

Grutko, 44, knows that plenty of Comcast clients are in the same position, struggling to keep up with fastchanging times. Thus, she must ensure her department remains ahead of the curve.

This past year, Comcast Spotlight “led the charge” by introducing the I-Plus platform to get advertisers to focus on cross-platform solutions. Grutko also oversaw the creation of the futuristic Eye-con character as a visualization of the plan.


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