The State of Advertising: It’s Not What You Think [Infographic]

Submitted by Kat Pilnick
July 13, 2018 / 08:33 AM

Consumers’ media preferences have changed drastically in recent years, but many advertisers have been slow to adapt. Businesses with misconceptions about ad trends may not see the value in modernizing their tactics, which can lead them to keep their focus on traditional media outlets.

But brands won’t find – or develop – engaged audiences by using outmoded outreach like print, radio, and direct mail.

Here are the facts:

Consumers are increasing their time spent on video. The average consumer now spends five hours a day watching video content,1 split across TV, on-demand, websites, mobile apps, and more.

This time needs to come from somewhere, and data shows audiences are rapidly abandoning traditional media types in favor of video content. Newspaper circulation has nearly halved since 1990, radio listening is down by more than a quarter in just the last eight years, and, more often than not, direct mail goes right in the trash.

Take your first steps away from these outdated communication methods by learning how and where consumers are interacting with content today. In our new infographic, “Myths of Advertising,” we review some of the most common misconceptions about media consumption and present the facts about modern advertising.

Click below to view this infographic and get to know your audience better. Then tell us what you think with the hashtag #AdvertisingMyths.

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1 Source: Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2017.

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