Why Advertising During March Madness is Anything but Crazy

Submitted by Jason Braff
February 5, 2019 / 11:21 AM

There’s no other TV event quite like March Madness. While the Super Bowl is considered by many to be the crème de la crème of live sports, March Madness garners nearly the same level of excitement and attention over the course of three edge-of-your-seat-filled weeks. Last year, 97 million Americans tuned in to watch March Madness, and they tuned into the tournament earlier than ever. In 2018, 8.6 million viewers watched first round action vs. 8.2 million in 2017. The earlier rounds offer perhaps the most exciting moments in all of sports.

Everyone loves an underdog. And the early rounds are when the true madness of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament comes into play: when David takes down Goliath. Last year’s madness level elevated to “complete lunacy,” according to TIME Magazine. “By TIME’s calculations, there has never been a wilder Men’s College Basketball tournament since March Madness expanded to 64 teams in 1985,” said writer Craig Wilson of last year’s many thrilling upsets.  Of course, there’s school pride and the social aspects of participating in March Madness pools, but the Cinderella stories are why the non-regular season viewers and general sports fans tune in.



If your brand hasn’t considered the advertising opportunities offered by the tournament, here are our Top Four reasons (our version of The Final Four) why making March Madness part of your advertising strategy in 2019 will help you deliver real business outcomes:

Right Time, Right Place – March Madness fans follow the games most frequently on TV, but because of the nature of the schedule – games being played from the morning through late-night hours – fans will watch on mobile and desktop as well. With Comcast Spotlight, you can ensure March Madness TV viewers are seeing your message across devices by targeting them wherever they watch across top quality websites and apps, through DMA or zoned-level packages.

Locked-In Viewers – March Madness viewers are among the most engaged TV & internet users. Three out of every four March Madness viewer watches 10+ hours of TV per week, and 95% watch a network in the Comcast Spotlight footprint every week1.

Qualified to Buy – The NCAA Tournament audience is affluent and highly-educated. Two of every five viewers have a college or post-grad degree, and half of all viewers have a household income higher than $75,0001.

Talk of the Town – This is ALL sports fans are talking about for three weeks. There is very little sports competition during this time: the NFL season is over, the MLB hasn’t started yet, and the NBA and NHL regular seasons are in their final few weeks before the playoffs begin. All eyes will be on the tournament—and the ads that accompany the games.

This year, Comcast will air 43 NCAA Tournament games across TBS, TNT, and truTV. Here is the breakdown of how many games will air per-round across Comcast Spotlight channels from March 19 to March 31:


From the opening tip through the Elite 8, Comcast Spotlight will put your brand in all the action.  From last-minute victories to the bracket-busting losses, March Madness is the perfect opportunity to align with loyal hoops viewers.

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1 Scarborough USA+ (Dec16-May18) Adults who have watched the NCAA Men’s Tournament on Cable in the last year.
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