Animal Planet

Who's Watching

23% Age 18-34
33% Age 35-55
44% Age 55+
45% Male
55% Female
20% College Grad
29% HH Income $30K-$49,999
17% HH Income $50K-$74,999
29% HH Income $75K
64% Own Their Home
33% Have At Least 1 Child

Animal Planet immerses viewers in the full range of the animal kingdom with rich, engaging, high-quality entertainment, information and enrichment. Animal Planet taps into the instincts that drive us with stories and characters that resonate with the human condition.

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Featured Programs

  • Pitbull and Parolees
  • The Zoo
  • Tanked
  • Pet Nation Renovation
  • North Woods Law
  • Finding Bigfoot
  • Monsters Inside Me
  • My Call from Hell
  • Treehouse Masters
  • Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet

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