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18% Age 18-34
63% Age 35-64
18% Age 65+
44% Male
56% Female
9% HH Income $25K-$39,999
23% HH Income $40K-$74,999
63% HH Income $75K+
36.9% Children in HH One or More

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AOL's content contributors consists of over 20,000 bloggers, including politicians, celebrities, academics and policy experts, who contribute on a wide range of topics making news. The group's video content offers channels in news, entertainment, style, tech, business, food, home, travel, health, autos, parenting, relationships, video games and pets. is one of the many brands under the parent company, Oath. It's a promise, a vow, a commitment to do something important. Oath represents the commitment they've made to building brands and it honors the promises they make to each other, our partners, clients and the world every day. Other content brands in the family include Yahoo!, Huufpost, TechCrunch, Engadget MapQuest and Moviefone.

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