Drama Fever

Who's Watching

51% Age 18-34
39% Age 35-64
5% Age 65+
21% Male
79% Female
10% HH Income $25K-$39,999
22% HH Income $40K-$74,999
49% HH Income $75K+
52% Children in HH One or more

Drama Fever specializes in Korean TV shows and film dramas and is the largest online video distributor of international televised content streaming the world's best movies, documentaries and TV shows on demand with professional subtitles. DramaFever is available on a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Roku. The company's library of international programming is one of the largest licensed U.S. collections available online, in both English and Spanish, and comprises over 15,000 episodes from 70 content partners across 12 countries. More recently the company has branched out into co-producing television dramas.

With Premium Digital TV, on an average 3 month basis, over 92% of video ads are viewed completely1.  This highly engaged audience is watching their favorite shows, streaming live sports or watching breaking news and your brand is featured directly in this premium content.

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1 Source: Comcast Spotlight Internal Data Dec 2017-Feb 2018

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