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Who's Watching

25% Age 18-34
36% Age 35-54
39% Age 55+
40% Male
60% Female
27% College Grad
25% HH Income $30K-$49,999
17% HH Income $50K-$74,999
38% HH Income $75K+
66% Home Ownership Own
36% Children in HH At least 1

Food Network viewers experience a life made richer through the power of food. Food Network is a unique lifestyle network that is committed to exploring new and different ways to approach food – through pop culture, competition, adventure, and travel – while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based information. Get your fill of good cooking, food, travel, and adventure, served daily.

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Featured Programs

  • Worst Cooks in America
  • Iron Chef America
  • Chopped
  • Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
  • Kids Baking Championship
  • Restaurant: Impossible
  • Beat Bobby Flay
  • Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Cake Wars

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Programming Highlights

Supermarket Stakeout

New Food Network series Supermarket Stakeout, premiering Tuesday, August 13th at 10:00 pm (ET), is a competition where blind luck, negotiation and cooking skills are the key ingredients to success. Hosted by Iron Chef and Chopped judge Alex Guarnaschelli, each episode kicks off with a culinary ambush outside a local supermarket, where four competing chefs approach unsuspecting shoppers leaving the store to negotiate the bags right out of their hands - without knowing what's inside. Over three rounds of themed culinary challenges and with a budget of only $500, the chefs are limited to using the items they can wrangle out of the customer's carts using their charm, persuasiveness and a little cash. A rotating panel of judges determines which challengers had the most successful dishes using the acquired ingredients, with the last chef standing in each episode walking away with enough cash for a year's worth of groceries.

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