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18% Age 18-34
55% Age 35-64
22% Age 65+
53% Male
47% Female
3% HH Income $25K-$39,999
39% HH Income $40K-$74,999
54% HH Income $75K+
38% Children in HH One or More

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Hollywood.com brings Hollywood to the world – we cover the movies, TV shows, and stars you care about and we help you discover what’s new in entertainment. The site features original content and an abundance of videos including movie trailers, interviews and photographs provided to Hollywood.com by the major motion picture studios as well as TV shows, networks, and cable networks so as to showcase their films and TV shows on Hollywood.com. The site has videos and photos provided to Hollywood.com by Studios and others to promote their projects.  Also included is an abundance (two decades worth) of original video including celebrity interviews, coverage of the Red Carpet events at movie premiers and award shows.  Hollywood.com is also one of an established group of digital media outlets that is invited by the major studios on press junkets to cover movies and routinely shoots its own video and takes its own photographs at such events.   On a daily basis, Hollywood.com’s content team posts numerous original pieces.

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