Who's Watching

39% Age 18-34
36% Age 35-54
24% Age 55+
49% Male
51% Female
37% College Grad
23% HH Income $30K-$49,999
17% HH Income $50K-$74,999
44% HH Income $75K+
57% Home Ownership Own
41% Children in HH At least 1
SOURCE is the award-winning consumer portal that offers advertisers an exciting array of cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to target consumers with more precision and efficiency. Reach desired audiences with our geo-targeting capabilities to specifically attract potential customers with pinpoint accuracy. From in-banner video opportunities to strategically positioned banner ads, offers local advertisers a robust community to make their brand presence come to life.

Advertisers benefit from that popularity with the ability to reach audiences through advertising in streaming video and well-positioned banner ads and text links, all in a clutter-free environment. What’s more, Comcast Spotlight’s banner advertising opportunities include the ability to play video, giving advertisers the ability to extend the reach of their creative campaigns with minimal added investment or effort. Advertisers also have opportunities to take advantage of high-impact online advertising executions such as homepage and sign-in takeovers. In the same way that television advertising can be delivered to an entire market or individual neighborhood, advertising on can be geographically targeted to reach just the areas advertisers want, reducing waste and inefficiency.

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