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Increase auto sales with cross-platform advertising

Deliver your message directly to in-market buyers with Comcast Spotlight’s cross-screen advertising.

With our TV and premium digital video ad solutions, you can target precise audience segments to develop interest throughout the sales funnel, helping increase awareness, consideration, and intent.

Read this case study to see how our targeted ad solutions helped one local KIA dealer.

Read this case study
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Multiscreen Advertising

To truly engage with potential customers, you need to reach them wherever they watch video content. We can connect you to your audiences however they watch—whether on their TV, laptop or mobile device, and put your message on the hottest shows and digital destinations. The next generation of multiscreen advertising is happening right here, and it isn’t just about finding your audience on any screen; It’s finding them on every screen.


Cable TV Advertising Puts Your Brand Front and Center

With dozens of demographically targeted networks and thousands of shows, we can find the right audience for your message, all day, every day. Your customers will see and remember your name during the programs they enjoy most. Comcast Spotlight unites the prestige of TV with cutting-edge technology, giving you a branding platform that puts your message in front of your audience efficiently and effectively.

Premium Digital TV

Your potential customers are watching more video in more places—on TV, online and everywhere else. And they’re watching high-quality video produced just for the web more than ever before. Our premium digital advertising solutions put your message in front of your desired audience whenever and wherever they watch. We run your video advertising message within brand-safe and high-caliber entertainment content, reaching engaged potential customers.

Our reach extends beyond cable subscribers to include cord cutters, cord stackers and cord nevers.

Premium Digital TV

  • Premium Digital TV allows you to engage with customers watching TV and digital programming on their computers, phones, tablets and connected TV devices.
  • Our reach extends to customers watching non-skippable advertising on Xfinity Video On Demand and on OTT-connected TV devices.
  • We deliver geographically at the market and cable zone level, providing premium efficiency.
  • We offer brand-safe, high-quality programming and proof-of-performance reporting.

Premium Digital Video

  • Premium Digital Video puts your message in front of your desired audience across devices, all the time.
  • We run your video on brand-safe and high-caliber content.
  • We provide high-visibility pre-roll and mid-roll placement in professional-quality video content. Hundreds of custom-created audiences are available in a range of categories to provide you with exceptional targeting opportunities.

Digital Display is the high-traffic, content-rich destination where our 23+ million internet subscribers go to stream long- and short-form videos, check email, manage their accounts, read the latest news and more. You benefit from all that activity — reaching your desired audience through streaming video ad placement, well-positioned banner ads and text links, all in a clutter-free environment.

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