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Part of being a trusted resource for our advertisers is diligently honing industry expertise and sharing it with our partners. Whether keeping marketers informed about current trends and technology or blazing a trail with leadership of our own, we put our insights to work for your business.

Small Business Websites can be Integral to Marketing Success

These days, the majority of small businesses have a website. If they don't, they should, as consumers either find businesses through them or look up a business's website after learning about them.

Driving traffic to websites via various marketing channels is one thing, but what about that important first impression once they've arrived? In this report, we look at how important it is for small businesses to have a well-maintained website that leaves a lasting, positive impression.


Make Audience-Based TV Advertising Work For You

TV ad buying is moving away from dayparts, networks and programs, and towards targeted audience-based buying strategies. Marketers need to update their buying approach to balance a more practical, targeted philosophy with audience-based planning.

But you won’t drive success with the "it’s all about audience" methodology alone – there are a couple more facets to consider.

Watch this panel discussion to learn the equation for audience-based marketing success. Hear from industry experts like Andrea Zapata, Vice President of Research and Insights at Comcast Spotlight. Additionally, download our fact sheet on Audience-Based TV Advertising below.


Putting Fragmented Audiences Back Together Again: A Look at Video’s Audience-Based Future

Could audience fragmentation actually be your friend? It’s now possible to bring audiences together again to create campaigns that are more targeted, more efficient and more effective than ever by combining technology and analytics.

Watch this webcast which featured a panel of media and advertising experts, including Keith Camoosa, SVP, Consumer Intelligence at Warner BrothersAndrew Feigenson, SVP, Ad Platforms and Networks at Nielsen, Jim Nail Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc. and Justin Evans, Vice President, Principal Data and Research Strategist at Comcast Spotlight who shared their thoughts on video's audience-based future.


Trend Insights

The media and marketing landscape is ever changing. New technologies and trends keep even the most experienced professionals on their toes. This is where we share insights and analysis about advertising topics that matter to you most.

Cord Cutters and Advertising

Data shows that new digital streaming video services are generally proving to be additive to, rather than replacements for, traditional TV services. Consumers are mixing and matching services to give themselves even more choices.

In our latest Trend Insights report, we outline some of the numbers and potential reasons behind them. We also look at what this means for advertisers as they seek to reach relevant audiences enjoying content across screens and devices. Download it now!


Is There Too Much TV - Volume 2

Last spring, we looked at the buzz surrounding the explosive growth of scripted programming on TV and across a growing array of platforms. Some observers asked if there was “too much TV,” and whether there was enough viewer appetite for all that content.

A year later, the number of scripted programs continues to grow, and now, unscripted programs are popping up in greater numbers across platforms as well. Our latest Trend Insights report updates our 2016 analysis, with an emphasis on what’s happening in the unscripted arena.  Click here to download our 2017 analysis!


The Primetime Emmy Award Goes To...Ad Supported Cable

As we get set for the 68th annual Emmy Awards, it seems natural that shows like Mr. RobotThe Americans and Better Call Saul are among this year’s nominees for best drama series. Those three are among the many ad-supported cable network programs that stand side-by-side with shows from the broadcast networks, premium TV channels and streaming services (which also round out the best drama category: with Downton AbbeyGame of Thrones and Homeland, and House of Cards).  In fact, cable shows have only been eligible for the Emmys since 1988, and in recent years, they’ve garnered their fair share of statues. In this Trend Insights analysis, we look at how ad-supported cable has raised the bar with outstanding talent in recent years, with shows that capture viewers’ attention and critics’ acclaim.


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