Market Summary

Comcast Spotlight helps businesses in the Greater Sacramento area with TV and digital video advertising solutions that can reach audiences wherever and whenever they watch video. And to make sure they don’t miss your message, we give you the ability to advertise on more than 50 networks like Food Network, HGTV, ESPN, TNT, and cable news. Don’t forget about aligning with popular sports franchises like the Sacramento Kings, Rivercats and Republic FC. Reach households across the entire Sacramento footprint or hone in on 22 geographically-targeted zones.

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Source: Comcast Internal Viewership Data, Aggregated Viewing Linear Time by network. Broadcast defined as NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC. Premium defined as HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, Showtime. Cable defined as all others. Calendar May 2017. Local Market (Sacramento DMA).

Market Opportunities


Automotive Advertising

Drive Customers to Your Dealership

Competition for car buyers is intense, as consumers have more information than ever to help them choose the right car. Video advertising is the most powerful way to capture their attention.

There’s no better way to show off a new car than on the biggest screen in the house. Coupled with digital video, geographically targeted video advertising ensures that customers are seeing your name when they’re thinking of purchasing a new vehicle. Click here to learn more about our automotive advertising solutions.

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Political Advertising

Viewers Vote for Video, So Should You

Years ago, political advertisers could reach most voters with commercials during the evening news, since nearly everyone watched the same thing at the same time.

Now, audiences watch different shows and videos on different screens at different times. We use data to find your most likely voters on TV and digital platforms, and develop a plan to reach them with targeted video advertising.

Click here to learn more about our political advertising solutions.

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Advertise in the NBA Regular Season, All-Star Game and Playoffs

Put your brand at Center Court!

The National Basketball Association…it’s where the drama between LeBron & Kyrie happens. It’s where Hoodie Melo & Paul George join forces in OKC. It’s where the international magic between The Greek Freak and Porziņģis happens. It’s where Lonzo Ball…happens. And it’s where the Dubs’ dynasty-in-the-making happens.  

With 154 regular season games and another 50+ Playoff games across major networks like ESPN and TNT, Comcast Spotlight will align your brand with that of the NBA’s to reach an incredibly engaged and loyal audience across all devices.

*Source: 2017
**Source:  Scarborough USA+ (Aug15-Nov16) Adults 18+ who have watched the NBA (Regular Season or NBA Playoffs) on TV in the past 12 months

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Advertise in the NHL Regular Season and Stanley Cup Playoffs

Get your brand in front of hockey fans with TV and digital advertising

Looking for non-stop action, the grittiest plays and the best beards? The National Hockey League delivers just that from October through June, culminating with some of the most entertaining and competitive playoff games in sports.

Each season starts with the ultimate goal of raising the Stanley Cup, with some of the most knowledgeable, dedicated and engaged fans supporting their favorite team every step of the way.

Power Plays. Shoot Outs. Epic Saves. Hat Tricks. Game Seven OT Winners. The excitement never ends with the NHL. 

We deliver the most live hockey all season long, highlighted by unparalleled ‘Wednesday Night Rivalry’ matchups on NBCSN. We’re home to more live, exclusive Playoff games than anyone else, including coverage in every Playoff round, and two Stanley Cup Final games.* 

*Source: Based on 2017/18 NHL Regular Season and Playoff Schedule
Source: Scarborough USA+ (Aug15-Nov16) Adults 18+ who have watched the NHL (Regular Season or NHL Playoffs) in the past 12 months

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The World's Most Popular Sport is Back

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™

This summer the world will experience a seismic shift. The World Cup is so big and significant, it turns everything upside down. Rivals become Allies. Teammates become Enemies. Tiny Nations become World Powers. World Powers become Underdogs... and the World becomes the World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup is the single most watched sporting event in the world.* 31 days of intense action takes place June 14 – July 15, from the Group Matches to the Round of 16, to the Quarter and Semi-Finals, culminating with the World Cup Final where one team will be declared World Champion.

Soccer viewers are young and affluent, and watch video on all devices.**

With 26 games on FS1, Comcast Spotlight will align your brand with the FIFA World Cup. You’ll reach this captive audience everywhere they’re watching. 

Click here to contact a Comcast Spotlight account executive to build your media plan for the FIFA World Cup Russia.

*Source:, “World Cup Fast Facts,” 8/11/17.
**Source: USA Plus-MRI/Mosaic, Au15-No16, Scarborough, Base: Adults 18+.  Target: *Special TV Sports Watched Past Yr: World Cup soccer/qualifiers* OR *SportsView TV-Brdcst/Cable Ps12Mo: European soccer* OR *SportsView TV-Brdcst/Cable Ps12Mo: Mexican Soccer National Team* OR  *SportsView TV-Brdcst/Cable Ps12Mo: U.S. Soccer National Team*. Online Video percentage based off WaysUseIntrnt/App PsMon-AnyDevice: Video clips *YouTube, etc.* OR Watch free TV programs OR Watch TV programs-onlne subscrption.
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Advertising Opportunities for The Golf Majors

Put your message in front of one of TV’s Most Desirable, Upscale Audiences

Let Comcast Spotlight put you in the clubhouse, as the most elite international field of golfers from around the world faces the deepest rough, the fastest greens and the longest fairways at golf’s most renowned venues. 

Comcast Spotlight offers integrated advertising opportunities in tournaments all year long.

And you can extend your reach with a Premium Digital Video sponsorship that targets golf fans behaviorally, demographically and geographically on multiple screens.

Click here to contact a Comcast Spotlight account executive to build your media plan for the Golf Majors.

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NASCAR Advertising Opportunities

Delivering Race Fans All Year Long

With Dale Jr. and Danica now enjoying retirement, will young blood take the reins from the seasoned vets in 2018? NASCAR’s Energy Cup Series will showcase a new group of young drivers trying to pull away from the old guard. And in both the Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series, drivers will try to earn their right to drive with the best in the world. Frequently traveling at nearly 200 mph, NASCAR drivers risk it all week after week trying to be the first to cross the finish line.

Covering the top three tiers of the NASCAR ladder, the season will launch in Daytona in February and culminate in November in Miami. With eleven races on FS1 and another thirteen on NBCSN, your Comcast Spotlight pit crew will be there at every turn. Contact us today to deliver your message to fans that are – according to Nielsen – the most brand-loyal fans in sports.* 

Comcast Spotlight will align your brand with that of NASCAR’s to reach an incredibly loyal and engaged audience.

*Source:  “NASCAR Fans most brand loyal among all American sports fans." Nielsen. 3/23/15. Web. 1/12/18.
**Source:  “Insights into NASCAR fan loyalty to sponsors.” 5/4/16. Web. 1/12/18

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Local NFL Advertising Opportunities

Align your business with the action this fall

Year in and year out the NFL delivers the best ratings, biggest excitement and highest engagement on the greatest stage in sports.

With nearly 40 of the NFL’s biggest games, Comcast Spotlight provides incredible access to your customers in Monday Night Football on ESPN and Thursday Night Football on The NFL Network.

  • For the first time in its 13-year history, NFL Network was the second most-watched sports cable network among both P18-44 and P18-34 during the 2016 NFL regular season.1
  • On ESPN the season-opening “MNF” doubleheader claimed No. 1 and 2 spots in both adults 18-49 and viewers, with the early game (Pittsburgh-Washington) leading the way with a 4.8 rating in the demographic and 12.96 million viewers.2

Now Comcast Spotlight can help you reach football fanatics on any screen with Premium Digital TV and Premium Digital Video advertising.

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Top 7 Ways to Keep Your Home Services Business Thriving This Off-Season

1. Consistent Advertising Throughout the Year (changing creative to align with seasons)

While it may be tempting to take your advertising efforts off-line during the slump, this could be hurting your business even more. Businesses may think that they can save some money by pulling any and all advertising, but the reverse could be true in that they may be losing potential dollars from customers who actually need their services. Consistent advertising leads to continual branding for your business throughout the year. This keeps your business top of mind for customers. They may not need your service right away, but when they are ready for purchase, your business will be remembered. Changing your creative to align with the seasons will also keep your advertising fresh throughout the year.

2. Implementing Maintenance Contracts for Customers

Forming a program that utilizes year round maintenance plans for customers is a great way to keep steady business coming in all year long. By having customers sign up for this program and offering a discounted product or service through the year will help them and your business. These programs can be positioned as a way to keep homes up to date, which will help retain the value in the home.1 In a survey done by Erie Insurance, homeowners are not regularly putting money aside for routine maintenance, which can result in larger bills when small issues turn into large problems.2 Regular maintenance programs are a big opportunity to keep steady business all year long. 

3. Bundle Deals for Common Services or Products

When times are slow, a good tactic is to bundle different deals and products together to entice customers. Offer a product or service that aligns with the current and add an extra element that customers may not be thinking about during that time period. An example of this would be bundling a HVAC maintenance with a duct cleaning. By adding an additional service you can bring in more customers who might not otherwise buy at the time. A great way to create urgency during the slow period is to offer “early bird specials”. Get customers to seek your services by offering deals for services that are typically only inquired after during the busy season. Not only will your customers feel they are getting a good deal, but you will keep steady business instead of a high volume during a small portion of the year. 

4. Generate Social Hype 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up your social calendar when business is booming. When business slows down it is a great time to take advantage of your social channels. Potential customers are out there all the time and are constantly rotating between needing services and not. As mentioned above, consistent advertising will help consumers recognize your brand throughout the year. Utilize your review sites to see what past customers are saying. Send out newsletters to past clients to let them know what your business is currently doing such as, cause marketing events, current deals and any tips and tricks regarding products or services your provide. Now may also be a good time to ask for feedback from your customers, how did the business live up to their expectations, is there any room for improvement, etc. Generate social hype on your channels, find viral content that you can share, give a behind the scenes look at the business, buildup the coming season that your business usually fits into, and post current specials that customers can take advantage of. 

5. National Event and Holiday Tie-Ins

We’ve all seen the amusing posts on our social channels that promote national kitten day or national donut day, but there is a way to take advantage of these national event days. According to AdMall, some potential national event tie-ins include National Rebuilding Month during the month of April, National Home Safety Month during June and Smart Irrigation month during July.2 Additional days to take advantage of are, World Plumbing Day, March 11th, Earth Day, April 22nd, and Energy Star day, October 27th. Creating hype around these days or months on your social channels can gain attention from potential customers. It is also a great time to offer incentives to purchase products or services that tie-in to the event. In addition to offering deals, you can also use advertising to showcase your dedication to being an energy efficient company or your business’s effort to be green and use green products. Take advantage of holidays to increase awareness and build your brand. Change your advertising message to show the upcoming holiday and how your customer can prepare by using your services. An example of this is to show families coming together during a holiday at their houses and how your services made it all possible.

6. Partnering with Non-Competing Businesses

Partnering with businesses that are in the same industry, but are not a direct competitor can help both businesses during the slow seasons. Team up with a complimentary business for co-marketing a service package or create a cross-promotion event with them. For example, a plumbing business may offer a drain inspection special along with a water damage company to assess the situation during the rainy season for customers who may have flooding in their home. Create engagement with customers by offering an unexpected partnership. 

7. Co-Op Dollars from Manufacturers

Most of the time, manufacturers offer co-op dollars to businesses for advertising. This could be a cost-effective way to keep your advertising alive during the off seasons. The policies may differ between manufacturers, but they will usually supply content to use in creative, as well as pay for a portion of the advertising costs. Entrepreneur magazine suggests making sure that your company’s name stands out in the ad. You want to bring customers in to your business even though you are also helping the manufacturer’s product.3 Co-Op dollars may be a great option to boost your advertising effort during slow times. 

The slow season doesn’t have to be so feared. By taking advantages of some or all of these tactics, you can help your bring additional dollars into the business. With consistent advertising, your communications should keep your business top of mind for your customers all year long. 


1.    “Regular maintenance helps your home retain value.”, n.d. Web. 15 Oct. 2015.
2.    AdMall, accessed Sep 2016. “Home Repair/ Maintenance Services,” Local Intelligence Report. 
3.    Entrepreneur Staff. "Co-Op Advertising." Entrepreneur. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Sept. 2016. 

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