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Audiences are watching an ever-growing number of TV shows and videos on different screens, at different times and in different places. Comcast Spotlight’s political video advertising solutions deliver your message to the neighborhoods that matter most, engaging voters with relevant messages as they watch their favorite content.

How to Reach Voters

Targeted TV and Digital Video Optimizes Your Advertising

Video has always been the most powerful way to motivate audiences to vote for a candidate or issue. New tools and platforms make it possible for your message to engage voters like never before for your political campaign


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    Our VP of Political Advertising, Dan Sinagoga, answers questions about how political marketers can effectively use TV and digital video to reach audiences.

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2016 Presidential Election Cycle in Review: Counties Count

The 2016 Presidential cycle was among the longest and most raucous campaigns in history; despite the analytics and information available, it wound up being the biggest Presidential election surprise since Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey in 1948. In the aftermath, there were several takeaways from the election​.

Click here to download our full report and learn what we mean when we say "counties count." 

2016 Presidential Election Cycle in Review: Counties Count