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Where to Reach Voters

Reach and Scale Delivers Valuable Impressions

Audiences are watching an ever-growing number of TV shows and videos on different screens, at different times and in different places. Comcast Spotlight’s political video advertising solutions deliver your message to the neighborhoods that matter most, engaging voters with relevant messages as they watch their favorite content.

How to Reach Voters

Targeted TV and Digital Video Optimizes Your Advertising

Video has always been the most powerful way to motivate audiences to vote for a candidate or issue. New tools and platforms make it possible for your message to engage voters like never before for your political campaign


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    Our VP of Political Advertising, Dan Sinagoga, answers questions about how political marketers can effectively use TV and digital video to reach audiences.

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Where to Reach Voters

Reach and Scale Delivers Valuable Impressions

Reaching more than 35 million homes in the U.S., we can bring your message to voters around the corner or across the country. Our more than 500 advertising zones reach individual neighborhoods and entire cities, and our more than 50 demographically targeted TV and digital networks ensure you deliver the right advertisement to the right audience with maximum efficiency.

Comcast Spotlight serves 79 markets, including 19 of the top 30 African American DMAs and 19 of the top 30 Hispanic DMAs.

Comcast’s multi-screen customers are engaged voters: 80% are registered to vote, 72% voted in the last Presidential election, and 62% voted in their last state election.*

*Source: Simmons, One View: Spring 2015 NHCS Adult 12-Month Study. Base: Comcast XFINITY Multi-screen Subscriber=Comcast//XFINITY Internet or Cable Subscriber. As of 10/09/2015.

Where to Reach Voters