Albert Griffith and Sons


When it comes to home renovation, floors can be an important part of the process, but homeowners don't always need to replace their hardwood floors. Albert Griffith and Sons of Fishers, IN, wanted to let consumers know about restoration capabilities that can give new life to existing floors. Through a multi-screen advertising campaign with Comcast Spotlight, the company was able to build brand awareness on television and supplement that message with an additional call to action online.


The audience for the types of services Albert Griffith and Sons provide is very focused: consumers with a higher household income; owning homes valued at more than $250,000 and old enough to be ready for renovation; and having an interest in home design. Comcast Spotlight segmented those geographic and demographic groups to hit the right target, with television advertising on networks like HGTV, FOX News and Nickelodeon (thanks to the moms watching with kids), and in-banner video advertising on and, all in areas with homes of the right age for a makeover.


Sales for Albert Griffith and Sons rose dramatically, increasing more than 75%. In fact, the company reached its capacity, and began a waiting list for customers interested in their services. Customers also noted their interest in working with a family-owned company, a fact highlighted in the company’s advertising.

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